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JJDoc takes a JavaCC parser specification and produces documentation for the BNF grammar.

Command line options

JJDoc can operate in several modes, determined by command line options.

Option Default Description
TEXT false Setting TEXT to true causes JJDoc to generate a plain text format description of the BNF. Some formatting is done via tab characters, but the intention is to leave it as plain as possible. The default value of TEXT causes JJDoc to generate a hyperlinked HTML document.
BNF false Setting BNF to true causes JJDoc to generate a pure BNF document.
ONE_TABLE true The default value of ONE_TABLE is used to generate a single HTML table for the BNF. Setting it to false will produce one table for every production in the grammar.
OUTPUT_FILE <input dir> The default behavior is to put the JJDoc output into a file with either .html or .txt added as a suffix to the input file’s base name. You can supply a different file name with this option.
CSS <css file> This option allows you to specify a CSS file name. If you supply a file name in this option it will appear in a LINK element in the HEAD section of the file. This option only applies to HTML output.

Comments in the JavaCC source that immediately precede a production are passed through to the generated documentation.


Example outputs from JJDoc for the JavaCC grammar are given as text or HTML.

You’re done with the JavaCC documentation!